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Pacific Islands Rural & Agriculture Stimulus Facility Project (PIRAS)

The Pacific Islands Rural & Agriculture Stimulus Facility Project (PIRAS) is aimed at helping farmers in Fiji and Solomon Islands recover from the impact of the COVID pandemic. It is a joint partnership between the Australian Government, the International Fund for Agricultural Development, Asian Farmers Association and Pacific Farmer Organisations (PIFON).

What we want: To assist rural men, women and youth in the highlands of Ba, Naitasiri and Navosa provinces who have been affected by the COVID pandemic.

The overall PIRAS initiative will directly target rural households vulnerable or potentially vulnerable to nutrition insecurity, while also maximising potential and driving productivity in food and nutrition security, safe post-harvest handling, local food preservation and functioning local markets.

What we intend to do: We will partner with relevant stakeholders, government departments, resource personnels that will help in best practices of the project, sharing of information and consultation. 

Capacity building trainings for the communities include; seed extraction training, food processing and preservation training; and safe post-harvest handling. PCDF has already begun construction of nurseries with provision of water tanks and farming materials for the targeted 41 communities in the 3 provinces.

Where we work: Naboubuco District: (Navai, Roma, Nasoqo, Nasiriti, Naqelewai, Rewasau villages); Nadrau District (Naga, Nadrau, Qalinasavu, Nabawaqa); Savatu district (Nadala, Lewa, Naiyaca, Marou, Buyabuya, Nagatagata, Drala, Koro, Vatutokotoko, Taunabe villages); Navatusila district (Nubutautau, Mare, Nasauvakarua, Nanoko, Natoka, Tokoni settlement, Tuvavatu settlement, Nabuabua settlement); Magodro district (Nadevo, Nasivikoso, Navaga, Bukuya, Tabalei, Tabuquto villages); Noikoro district (Vatubalavu, Korolevu, Wema, Namoli, Nukuilau, Namacawa settlement, Nubuyanitu, Draubuta, Navitilevu, Nakoro); Nasikawa district (Nawairabe, Matokana, Korovou, Waibasaga, Nakasayaga settlement).

Who are our partners: PIFON and Ministry of Agriculture