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About US

Partners in Community Development Fiji (PCDF) was founded in 1978 and is one of Fiji’s longest established Non Government Organisations (NGOs) that carries out community development projects. We have been working in partnership with communities, donors, government and other organisations for over 40 years, to improve the lives of our people in isolated communities. Being a local organization that promotes the interests of our communities, our work is grounded on community centred approaches that build on existing community knowledge, skills and capacities. We are a learning organisation that acknowledges existing community structures and work with their leaders to ensure the inclusive participation of women, young people and minority groups, building local capacity to understand issues, take action and lead change.

Our Vision: Communities achieving equitable, holistic and sustainable livelihoods.

Our MissionWorking in partnership with communities to empower and assist with informed decision making for their own future development.

Our Values: We are an organisation for the community and we constantly endeavour to remain trued to our values of justice, partnership and stewardship, manifested by our culture of;

  • Being  sensitive to social, environmental and economic realities. 
  • Being a learning organisation, able to learn from our mistakes, review and adapt our position and methods to maintain performance.
  • Distinctive competence through cost effective use of resources. 
  • Adopting an integrated approach by working in partnership with existing formal and informal local governance systems.
  • Sharing lessons learnt and practices with our primary stakeholders. 

Our Objectives:
Our interventions integrate environmental, social and economic issues to help deliver our objectives: 

  • Promote good governance and gender equity
  • Protect the environment
  • Increase self-reliance in rural communities
  • Promote healthy living

We believe in partnering with government, provincial councils, international agencies, civil society organisations, private sector and local communities to deliver targeted impacts at the local level.

We maintain our partnership with communities beyond funding cycles and strive to provide them with on-going support, advice and guidance to ensure they maintain and build upon their progress.