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Our Work

The four core elements of PCDF's community development operation are; 

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Community Capacity and Livelihood Enhancement (CCLE)

The Community Capacity and Livelihood Enhancement (CCLE) programme strives to promote sustainable livelihoods and increase the self-reliance of isolated communities. The programme interventions are community centered with the intent of enabling communities to set up and manage their own developments and income generating projects. Through partnerships with relevant stakeholders, the CCLE programme assists communities, individuals and local institutions by providing some form of infrastructural development, educational workshops and supporting innovative ideas and new initiatives.

Natural Resource Management (NRM)

The Natural Resource Management (NRM) Programme aims to assist Fiji’s rural communities in promoting sustainable natural resource management while trying to maximize income generated from these resources. Working in partnership with Government, NGOs and relevant stakeholders, the programme aims to support and promote the sustainable use of natural resources by communities. As an organisation, we believe that it is important to recognize the “human element” in all of efforts to addressing natural resource use.

Health Improvement (HI)

Health remains a critical issue in most parts of Fiji due to the changes in diet and lifestyle choices and is exacerbated by the lack of access to basic health care. The Health Improvement (HI) Programme was established to strengthen and promote community health development across Fiji. We work towards this goal by strengthening the roles or functions of community health committees; networking and collaborating with our Ministry of Health and local NGOs in organizing health training in rural communities for committees and community people. The Programme is mainly focused on strengthening food security and the access to quality safe drinking water and sanitation.

Institutional Development (ID)

The organisation endeavors to strengthen its human resources capacities and organisational processes to enable it to effectively and efficiently implement its programs. Some of our initiatives to develop and strengthen institutional capacity include staff development, organisational development and reviews of strategic organisational plans and processes.