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Capacity Building to manage their own Development

FGD with women

This project is funded by Bread for the World (BFDW) is the development organisation of Protestant church in Germany). It is a continuation of the Capacity Building of Municipalities for Independent Community Development Project that was carried out in Cawa and Nairai districts from 2016- 2019.

What we want: 1) Communities in the district of Vanuaso and Navukailagi get support for implementing their Community Action Plan from relevant authorities. 2) Communities in the district of Nairai and Cawa apply the skill set needed to define their development requirement. The three- year project aims to assist the communities in the districts of Vanuaso and Navukailagi (Gau Island) in the formulation and endorsement of their community development plans and eventually realising these plans.

What we intend to do: We will partner with relevant stakeholders and government departments, resource personnels that will help in best practices of the project, sharing of information and consultation. Capacity building trainings for the communities include; good governance; organisational management strengthening; community development planning; proposal writing and learning exchanges.

Who are our partners: Ministry of I-Taukei Affairs, Lomaiviti Provincial Office and Lomaiviti Provincial Administration.

Where we work: Gau Island, Vanuaso District (Lamiti, Malawai, Nacavanadi, Vanuaso and Lekanai villages) and Navukailagi District (Vione,Qarani and Navukailagi villages). Koro Island, Cawa District (Vatulele,Nabuna,Nabasovi,Tavua,Navaga and Kade villages). Nairai Island, Nairai District (Natauloa,Tovulailai,Lawaki,Vutuna and Waitoga villages)